Saturday, August 6, 2016

BRUSCHETTA! The Perfect Summer Snack

By now with all the foodies out there, I expected everyone to know that bruschetta is pronounced BRU-SKETTA and not BRU-SHETTA but that doesn't seem to be the case. So if you want to seem more like a local when in Italy, remember to pronounce the CHs as a K sound and you are good to go!

With summer in full swing and the tomatoes getting so ripe and juicy, this is just about the tastiest summer snack around.

One of the best bruschettas in Langhe is at Andrea's restaurant DeGusto in Neive. I basically go here about once a week and get this antipasto for my main dish. His doesn't have much garlic so it keeps you feeling confident all day long. There are plenty of Taggiasca olives (special small tasty olives coming from Liguria) and the portions are huge!!! 

I am always embarrassed to eat the whole thing but nothing tastes better during these 90 degree days. 

You can make bruschetta in any way you want. In Piedmont the traditionalists would just rub lots of garlic on toasted bread and maybe add a slice of tomato, the purists would just use high quality olive oil with garlic and salt and the more gluttonous ones like me, like the tomatoes piled up on top with olives and basil. Traditionally this recipe was another way to use up day old bread.

Wine Pairing: Because of the tomatoes which are quite acidic, I would go with a lightly oaked Barbera d'Alba which has a high enough acidity to match this dish and is nice on a hot day. Try a local Barbera from the village of Neive, Cantina del Glicine's La Sconsolata and get a true taste of Piemonte!

Monday, May 30, 2016

What To Do In Fossano

Most of my blog is dedicated to the beautiful and world-famous area where I work, the nearby Langhe. But I feel like my own town deserves some props and attention because I love living here! I have lived in a few surrounding towns which were much more lively, especially when it comes to nightlife. In fact, let's just say I was not so thrilled about moving back to my husband's birthplace but I am now proud to call this my home. Our move here luckily coincided with the election of the new young mayor, Sordella who has positively shaken things up a bit. I have heard that in towns like Alba, all you hear are foreign languages now on weekends, even in the grocery stores. Nothing wrong with that, but I kind of like being in a REAL residential feeling Italian town, like I am really living the authentic lifestyle. Hardly anyone even speaks English here in the shops so you have to be adventurous! So if you are lucky to be staying in Fossano here are some of my suggestions.



Simply called the "Viale" by the locals, Viale Mellano is the perfect path for a relaxing walk. You can start at the end of Via Roma where the ugly rusty modern sculpture and wannabe Louvre glass cube is. Not everything can be pretty! The pedestrian road takes you by some of the most beautiful villas and gardens in town. On the other side you can see a view of the river, Alps and Langhe wine country in the distance. If you are a sun worshiper like me, I suggest going in the mornings when it gets very warm because it is mostly covered by shade in the late afternoons. You will find elderly people sitting on the benches (so Italian!), groups of friends catching up on life, and lots of mothers walking their babies and stopping at the fun play equipment for the kids. If you are skilled enough, you can leave your cell phone and watch behind, and track the time with the old sundials placed on the path. After a nice walk on the Viale, what better relief than finding a gelato shop at the end! You can stop there for a coffee or a sweet treat and continue on the tree lined sidewalk until you get to a fantastic park full of playgrounds, bocce ball courts, public bathrooms (eww gross but sometimes necessary), and small ponds where you can find ducks and turtles soaking up the sun. If the park doesn't interest you, you can keep going until you get to the other end of Via Roma for some shopping! The whole loop is about 2 km.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

I Got Lucky! Elvio Cogno Winery

It wasn't until a good friend of mine started working at this winery, did I have the chance to finally visit. Elvio Cogno is one of the most selective cellars to visit but definitely worth it!

View of Novello castle and town from Elvio Cogno

Located in the sleepy Barolo producing village of Novello, they are THE name there when it comes to Barolo. Not only are they known for Nebbiolo, but even more so for their white wine, Nascetta! Valter, owner and winemaker, was a fundamental player in bringing this Langhe native white varietal back to life. Read more about Nascetta on one of my previous posts here.

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